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Taiwan Seeks to Pioneer ODA Financing Model with Haitian Power Grid Contract
Haiti, one of Taiwan’s 18 formal allies, seeks to benefit from a recent switch in Taiwanese investment strategy that will see Taiwan promote public and private sector cooperative investments in allied nations. The most important element of this proposed cooperation includes the provision of a power grid and distribution system to electrify the whole of Haiti, starting with its capital city, Port-au-Prince. Continue reading.

In Haiti, Slight Progress for LGBT Rights Seen as Victory
Yaisah Val recently came out publicly as a transgender woman on YouTube, a potentially risky move in a country like Haiti where LGBT residents face pervasive hostility in most spheres of public life. Continue reading.

Dominican Republic

Between Hate, Hope, and Help: Haitians in the Dominican Republic
Women and men press against the barbed-wire gate, waiting for the guards to let them in. Twice a week, the border crossing opens so that Haitians can get access without a visa to a market located on Dominican land in the northern city of Dajabón, just a short walk from the crossing point. Continue reading.

Arts & Entertainment

Michael Brun Releases “Jalouzi” Dance Music Video
Brun truly incorporates his native Haitian culture into his music, but his work doesn’t stop with his own production. Michael Brun recently developed a series titled ‘City Series’ that strives to bring attention to more producers and communities globally. Continue reading & watching.

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