Rogers Avenue in Flatbush to Be Co-Named in Honor of Haitian Revolutionary Leader
Jean-Jacques Dessalines Boulevard will span Rogers Avenue from Farragut Road to Eastern Parkway, within the Little Haiti Business and Cultural District. The newly co-named street will be set just a few blocks from Toussaint L’Ouverture Boulevard, which is located on Nostrand Avenue between Glenwood Road and Flatbush Avenue. The two Haitian leaders are celebrated historical figures in Haitian-American culture for their roles in establishing a free and independent Haiti. Continue reading.

Haitians In America: Comedian Uses Humor To Connect With The Public
When my mother found out I dropped out of school and was pursuing comedy, she didn’t speak to me for three months. I think they hoped it was a phase and I would come to my senses after a few months. But that’s what I chose to do and I was determined to do it, they had no choice but to let me be. I’m not sure if they will ever fully accept it or be okay with it. But they’ve realized this is what I love and I’m not coming back. Continue reading.

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