The Haitian flag. File photo.

By Toussaint Campbell

Haitian culture has significantly impacted American culture, food, music, entertainment and more; now, let it enhance your Instagram timeline. If you’re not up to date with Haitian culture then you need to follow these pages. Here are seven essential Haitian Instagram pages you need to follow.


From the tastes of Haiti to the music to the latest breaking news, @welcome_to_haiti will welcome you to the Carribean and catch you up with Haitian culture. You can find gear to represent Haiti on their Shopify page.

Are you familiar with Kompa, Zouk, or KompAfro? If not, then follow to learn more about Haitian music and the dances that go with them. Not only can you find new music, but also classes where you can learn the moves that go with it.


Sometimes you find a page that just makes you feel good no matter the mood. Whether you’re looking for memes, feel-good stories or tasty treats, @besthaitians worldwide has you covered with a little bit of Haiti to brighten your day.


@Haitiville is bringing together the Haitian community together one post at a time. Here you’ll find positive posts and colorful Haitian dishes.  


Here’s a new source to visit for updates regarding Haitian Entertainers and all of the news surrounding them. Immerse yourself in Haitian culture by following @haitianhollywood. You may just find our next favorite show or character on their page.  


The official page for Haiti’s Ministére du Tourisme d’Haiti, @mtourismehaiti, is a must visit for all things related to Haitian tourism. Not only will you see many activities you can do in Haiti, but also news regarding travel.


Haiti Cultural Exchange is  Brooklyn based non-profit that is developing, showcasing and promoting the cultural expression of the Haitian people. Check it out to find cool shows and experiences where you can express your culture or see it represented @haiticulturalx.

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