South Florida

Miami-Dade Man And Haitian Accused Of Trafficking Cocaine

A Miami area man and a Haitian national have been charged with cocaine trafficking. Forty-year-old Vito Antenor of Miami-Dade County and forty-four-year-old Vincent “Angelo” Casseus of Haiti were accused of planning to distribute the cocaine in Miami-Dade and neighboring Broward County. Continue reading

Beauty & Style

Haitian-American Designer-Philanthropist: How Azede Jean-Pierre Succeeds Through Hybridization

What will Michelle Obama and thousands of Haitian schoolchildren have in common? They’ll have been dressed by Azede Jean-Pierre. The 30 Under 30 philanthropist and fashion designer designed both Michelle Obama’s dress for her Essence cover and is designing uniforms for Haitian elementary schools. Continue reading

Health & Science

Lack Of Insurance Exposes Blind Spots In Vision Care

“Many of the kids we’re serving fall through the cracks,” said Dr. Sandra Block, a professor of optometry at the Illinois College of Optometry and medical director of the school-based vision clinics program. Many are low-income Hispanic and African-American children whose parents may not speak English or are immigrants who are not in the country legally. Continue reading 

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