By Toussaint Campbell

Haitian fashion has often been noted as bold because of its vibrant colors and expressive style. Here are six bloggers that will brighten up your Insta feed and give you tips to brighten up your closet as well.


Check out @thecantave for inspiration when you’re planning your next outfit of the day. You might just find a good quote for your next post as well.


Dedicated to sending Kréyol vibes your way, follow @kevpharaoh for fresh fashion finds.


Cut from a different cloth, @succesismycologne will definitely change the way you think about colors in your wardrobe.


With a little help from @_mr.misterr, you’ll find your freshest Sunday outfit. Check out his Insta and you’ll definitely find some new ways to wear your favorite blazer.


Life is an adventure and your wardrobe should be too. Follow @radthedon and enhance your Insta feed with his fearless fashion approach.


Here’s a budget baller that will show you what style is without breaking the bank. Check out how @godsflygift dresses so fly without designer brands.

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