By Zarita Zevallos

Haitians in America

Haitians In America: Photographer Captures Injustice Through Work

Zarita Zevallos is New York-based architect and photographer. However, everything that makes her who she is comes from Haiti, her native country. Zevallos uses her craft to capture injustices and break the system. Continue reading.  


Judge denies Trump bid to toss immigration protections case

A federal judge on Monday denied the Trump administration’s bid to throw out a lawsuit that alleges its decision to end special protections shielding Haitian, Salvadoran and Honduran immigrants from deportation was racially motivated. Continue reading. 

Haitian TPS Update: USCIS Backlog Results in Automatic 6-Month Work Authorization Extensions

USCIS will be issuing Notices of Continued Evidence of Work Authorization for certain Haitian TPS beneficiaries who applied for new EADs, but still have not received them. Continue reading. 


‘The Haitian Government Has Lavished Privileges Upon Themselves’

Judging by headlines, one might assess that the significant thing about public protests in Haiti is that they have interrupted the travel of US missionary groups. But in general big US media outlets don’t seem all that interested in what’s happening in Haiti. And so stories focused on Americans who “tried to help, but got caught up in violence,”m take center stage, reinforcing a media storyline that has presented Haiti as a place chaos and a bottomless pit for international aid. Continue reading.

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