By: Toussaint Campbell

Taty Griot Express Restaurant

7108 Pembroke Rd, Miramar, FL 33023

Diners usually stop by for a taste of Taty’s Griot (pork), Legume (stew vegetables with meat) and red snapper fish. According to the manager Marie Gustave, “Love Is What Makes Our Food Authentic. Every Meal Is Cooked With Love And Passion.” and the food is made with fresh ingredients such as basil, parsley, lemon and peppers.

Taty’s also shares Haitian culture with its diners through the decorations placed around the restaurant, “our food, drinks and decoration all show the love we have for our culture.” said Gustave “even when our country suffers we still push the beauty Haiti holds.

There is also something special about Taty’s, all the decorations come directly from Haiti “we have paintings on the wall that show the beauty of Haiti”. They also sell Haitian sandals, bags and flags.


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