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A Huge Haitian Food Festival Is Happening In Montreal

The 12th annual Haitian festival called Haiti En Folie is going down next weekend. The festival actually has multiple components at various locations, but if you’re strictly looking for food you have to attend the Foire Culinaire which will be held in Parc Lafontaine in the heart of the Plateau. Continue reading.   

Taste Of The Town: Chef Creole Offers Haitian Inspired Food With A Twist

They’re putting the final touches and tastes on the special sauce for the tropical seafood butter and Creole dish served at Chef Creole. The man behind the magic? Chef Creole himself, also known as Wilkinson Sejour, the founder of now five namesake restaurants. Continue reading.


Riots in Haiti had no impact upon school supported by Cumberland County donations

When every penny counts, a rise in fuel prices can create chaos. That’s what recently happened in Haiti. “Fuel prices were supposed to go up to $5 a gallon. When you make $2 a day that’s significant,” said Joanne Cottrill. Continue reading.

Toolshed: Toussaint takes up Haitian flag

“When I saw the flag coming out there, it gave me goosebumps, really,” Kiti said. “I’m half-Haitian and half-Kenyan but born in the United States of America, born in New York. Actually seeing that, I took a picture and sent it straight to my mom and my brother and said, ‘Look, your flag. Look at it.’ It’s a very proud moment.” That flag was there because of one player and one player only — No. 10 Braves prospect Touki Toussaint, Kiti’s son. Continue reading.

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