Haitians shut down streets demanding jobs, rollback of prices

Politicians in Haiti thought they had a bright idea. Since people were following the World Cup soccer match between Brazil and Belgium on July 6, rooting deeply for Brazil, they would choose that time to obey the International Monetary Fund and raise the price of fuel by 38 percent for gasoline, 47 percent for diesel and 51 percent for kerosene. Continue reading.


Okai to perform drums & Haitian rhythms

Haitian-American musician Okai Fleurimond will introduce the traditional drum rhythms of Haiti on July 29 at the Pelham Art Center in Pelham, New York. Open to all ages, the free performance starts at 1:30 pm at the center, a mere eight miles north of the Bronx. Continue reading.

Haitian Music Industry’s Dirty Secret: It Doesn’t Exist

In the long history of Haitian music, there’s been no figure more singular than Antoine Rossini “Ti Manno” Jean Baptiste was born in Gonaives in 1953, known as singer, guitar player, keyboard player, and percussionist. Continue reading.


Classrooms: Amherst nonprofit’s solar project make big impact in Haitian community

Students attending classes in Les Cayes, Haiti, are experiencing something new this summer — reliable electric power in their classrooms, thanks to solar panels installed this year by Amherst nonprofit Opportunities for Communities Inc. Continue reading.

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