By Victoria Jonas

If you’re craving something Haitian, then you must indulge in Haiti’s most loved dishes. These classic Haitian cuisines are far from ordinary. When you are in the Boston area, these are the best places to satisfy your appetite.   

La Belle Créole Cuisine
473 River Street, Mattapan; 617-696-0129

Menu Pick: LALO Dish   

The LALO dish originates from Artibonite, Haiti. It has a dark, rich leafy flavor and a robust mouthful of spices. La Belle Créole Cuisine was founded in 2016. This restaurant provides quality and authentic Caribbean cuisine at a low cost.

From the Restaurant: La Belle Créole Cuisine “Where great food meets the whole body.”

LaLa Caribbean Restaurant

792 Washington St, Dorchester Center; 617-265-8171

Menu Pick: Fried Red Snapper

The Fried Red Snapper is fresh fish paired with plantains or macaroni. LaLa Caribbean Restaurant was founded in 2005. This restaurant is a family business that serves authentic Haitian cuisine.    

From the Restaurant: “LaLa’s recipe is unique and transformative but never strays away from Caribbean roots. We’re proud to provide our community a taste of Haiti.”

Farah’s Cafe Restaurant  

1158 River St, Hyde Park; 617-910-3203

Menu Pick: Griot Platter

The Griot Platter is fried pork chunks simmered until tender, then browned to perfection. It is served with rice and beans, salad and plantains. Farah’s Cafe Restaurant was selected as the Best Haitian Restaurant by the Haitian American Business Expo, Inc in 2017.   

From the Restaurant: Farah’s Cafe Restaurant “If you like Caribbean food,we make it hot!”

Pikliz International Kitchen

288 Broadway, Somerville; 617-625-6255

Menu Pick: Stewed Red Snapper

The Stewed Red Snapper is fresh fish stewed in a créole spicy sauce. It is garnished with onions, green and red peppers. Pikliz International opened its doors in March 2016. This restaurant was named after a condiment that incorporates carrots, pickled cabbage, seasonings and scotch bonnet pepper native to Haiti.         

From the Restaurant: Pikliz International Kitchen “The Freshest Caribbean Cuisine in Town. A Fusion of Spices and Culture.”

La Perle

41 Bow St, Everett; 617-294-2390

Menu Pick: Macaroni Gratine  

The Macaroni Gratine is baked cheesy macaroni paired with fried plantains and salad. Not only does La Perle serve Caribbean cuisine, it is also a space for late-night events featuring DJs, dancing and cocktails.     

From the Restaurant: La Perle Caribbean Restaurant “Serving the finest Haitian cuisine.”

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