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Fuel Price Rise in Haiti Has Its Roots in IMF Deal

The hike in prices which was withdrawn after massive protests is part of the agenda dictated by international finance institutions

Soon after the Haitian government announced its decision to raise fuel prices by up to 50 percent on Friday last week, demonstrations broke out across the country. Angry Haitians blocked roads and set vehicles on fire. In the face of the strong opposition to the move, the government on Saturday reversed the hike until further notice. But the suspension failed to calm the angry public. Transport and public sector unions, as well as rural and urban social movements, called for a general strike on July 9 and 10. Continue reading.

Jul. 11, 2018

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  1. zokot ziggy says:

    Ohh. Lord.. Haiti needs a new leadership but not those people who been in power for 25 years. They have failled the country and their dignity. Ayibobo Haiti pap mouri..bougeois Santi dwe paye taxes

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