Haitian Times Morning News Roundup

Haitian Times News Roundup – July 10

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Riots delay Lowell missionaries’ return from Haiti  

West Michigan missionaries are hunkered down in Haiti after protesters set fires and blocked roads, preventing people from leaving the country. At least three people died during protests over gas prices. Continue reading.   

Haiti-bound flights out of South Florida resume after violent protests in Caribbean nation

Some flights from Haiti resumed Sunday after protests over a proposed increase in fuel prices ordered by the government caused airlines to stop service to and from the island. Continue reading. 

A New Immigration Crisis? This Time It Could Be From Haiti.

Haiti exploded over the weekend. Rioters took to the streets, ransacking everything in sight, burning cars in front of American hotels like the Westin, Marriott and the Oasis—a five-star hotel financed by the Clinton Foundation. They barricaded streets with burning tires and destroyed hundreds of businesses. Continue reading. 


Brevard teens make it to Port-au-Prince safely amid rioting and violence in capital

A group of 11 volunteers from Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church’s Hearts out to Haiti mission — most of them teenagers — was supposed to fly home Sunday and instead found themselves hunkered down in a Catholic church for the night. By Monday night, the group had made it safely to Port-au-Prince. The next step? Getting on a flight home. Continue reading.

Jul. 10, 2018

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