Jean René Suprena and his family 
Jean René Suprena and his family 


The Never-Ending Search For Home: One Haitian Family’s Journey Through The Americas For A Place To Call Home  

It was a rainy day in March, when Jean René Suprena listened intently to Jeremy Jong, his lawyer, inside the attorney visitation room at LaSalle Detention Center in Jena, Louisiana. Both men sat across opposite sides of the thick plexiglass in the room as they went over Suprena’s asylum case. Continue reading.


HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED: Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

We all do it at one point in our lives. We all compare ourselves to other people, and we gauge where we are and how we are doing based on our observations of them. We judge ourselves and believe we are not worthy if we are not up to par with those who we deem successful. What we do may seem little in comparison to what others are doing. Continue reading.


Bradenton youth group stuck in Haiti amid violent protests over gas prices

A major conflict in the Caribbean has become a cause of worry for parents in the Tampa Bay area. Violent protests over fuel prices have forced flight cancellations, leaving a church youth group from Bradenton stranded in Haiti. Continue reading.


Officers From Haiti Visit Gillette Stadium As Part Of Exchange

Two law enforcement officers from Haiti spent this past week in Foxboro learning about the community, the region and the New England culture as part of Phase II of an international exchange program with the town’s police department funded by the Kraft family’s Partners in Patriotism Fund. Continue reading.

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