At least three U.S. carriers resumed flying in and out of Haiti’s capital Sunday as the country attempted to return to normal following days of civil unrest that left businesses burned and looted, and saw streets barricaded with burning tires.

Spirit and Jetblue airlines canceled flights to Haiti Sunday, but Delta’s flight from Atlanta landed and departed, and American Airlines operated round-trip flights from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. A number of foreign embassies in Port-au-Prince have announced they will be closed Monday. Also some members of the opposition are calling for a general strike throughout the country.

Still, tensions remained high in some areas of metropolitan Port-au-Prince and its outskirts as Haiti National Police escorted groups of U.S. citizens and some Haitians to safer locations and cleared streets road blocks. Disgruntled crowds renewed their protests in other locations while continuing to demand the departure of President Jovenel Moïse. Continue Reading

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