Fuel Hike Calls Into Question Effectiveness of Haiti Prime Minister

“Lafontant has failed in his mission to govern efficiently,” said lawmaker Jerry Tardieu, a member of the Lower Chamber of Deputies who represents Petionville. He called for the prime minister’s immediate resignation.

A city in metropolitan Port-au-Prince, Petionville had at least two of its luxury hotels attacked and drivers were pelted with rocks as demonstrators reinstated fiery barricades Saturday and others fired gunshots.

“He has lost the trust of the population and no longer has the credibility to carry out any of the reforms needed in Haiti,” Tardieu said.

Tardieu called on Lower Chamber President Gary Bodeau to reconvene their 117 members within the next 72 hours to resume a no-confidence vote on Lafontant and his government. The vote was put on hold late last month amid questions about the legality of four new ministers appointed during a cabinet shakeup. Sixty votes are needed to oust the government.

“I am confident that he will get a vote of no-confidence,” Tardieu, an opposition lawmaker, said of Lafontant. “I don’t see how any congressmen can raise their hand to agree to support such a government or a prime minister.” Continue Reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
Jul. 07, 2018

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