Garry Pierre-Pierre as a child

International News

Haiti’s stolen babies: How DNA tests could help reunite families

In the past 30 years, in France alone, 7,000 Haitian children have been adopted by foster parents. Some were victims of traffickers who falsified their files to put them up for adoption. Today, these children are looking for information on their biological parents. Continue reading

Haiti  is rebuilding  a brand new army despite its history of coups

Haiti hasn’t had a military since 1995, when it was disbanded after a series of coups, brutal crackdowns, and an American intervention. But now, officials there say it’s time for a comeback. Continue reading.

Haitians in America

Haitian Times Founder: ‘How I Became American’

I will never forget the day I left my sun-drenched Caribbean homeland for the bright lights of New York. I was playing an intense pickup match of soccer, as we did most afternoons in soccer-crazed Haiti. My cousin crashed our game when he came for me. I was told to go home to shower because I was going to the United States. Game over. Continue reading.  


Arkansas couple turns love of coffee into business that helps children in Haiti  

Robert and Susan Huckleberry use their profits from their coffee business, Numu Coffee to benefit orphans in Haiti through Convoy of Hope by providing them shelter and meals. Continue reading.  

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