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The other day, I came across a post on social media. Nathalie Lubin, a mother and aspiring author, had asked the public, “Do you know of any Haitian children’s books actually written by a Haitian?” She was building a library for her four-year-old son. By the next morning, she received messages from near and far, including my friend, who had tagged me in the post. She said, “I didn’t read any Haitian children’s book growing up. My books were all French and German fairy tales. I’ve been robbed of my culture.” Continue reading.


Kreyol, The Orphan That Wouldn’t Go Away

Among the many fault lines in our culture, a conversation about Kreyol ranks at the top of the heap. As is customary, a shouting match—not a conversation—ensues between impassioned people who use the very vernacular to express their positions. The fact that we are still debating the status of Kreyol in 2018—a language spoken all throughout Haiti—is a testimony of the inherent split personalities we exhibit as a group. Continue reading.


Events in Lincoln to raise money for Haiti

Karen Wheeler, of Bristol and Patrice Wasserman, of Lincoln will hold a series of fundraisers to raise money for a roof needed by the Orphanage of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Continue reading.

Haiti Hotel Promotes “Urban Mural” Culture

A historic hotel in the Caribbean is beautifying the streets of Port-au-Prince with the humor and colors of Haitian life. Continue reading.

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