Central intersection in Little Haiti. Photo Credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

Haitians In America

A Call To The Haitian-American Clergy In The Age Of Trump

On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy dropped a bombshell. The 81-year-old centrist jurist, resigned from the highest bench in the nation. Continue reading.


Local music teacher organizes concert to benefit musicians in Haiti  

Brandon Dull, a Frederick County, Maryland teacher instructs young musicians in  his county and in Haiti. Continue reading.  

UWM student, native of Haiti leads effort to provide shoes for children in need: ‘What we do for others is immortal’

Steven Duclair has a mission to help impoverished children who don’t have access to shoes or clean water. While in Haiti, his team plans to donate 1,000 pairs of shoes and build water filtration devices. Continue reading.


Dominican senator accused of ripping off Haiti sanctioned by Trump administration

A Dominican Republic senator accused of making millions of dollars from post-earthquake Haiti reconstruction projects that were never completed or poorly done has been sanctioned by the Trump administration, for engaging in corrupt acts related to the rebuilding of Haiti following the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake. Haiti is also investigating. Continue reading.

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