Central intersection in Little Haiti. Photo Credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

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Little Haiti: The Latest Ethnic District Added To New York

Little Haiti will soon join the likes of designated cultural districts like Little Caribbean and Chinatown. However, the question remains, can the new district thrive like its counterparts across the city. Continue reading.

Haitians In America

The Man Shaping How The Congressional Black Caucus Magnifies Their Impact

A desire to learn about the decisions that were made during the Iraq War and how they affected the community led Queens Native Fabrice Coles to study law. His passion for diversity led him to become the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Continue reading.  


An American Dream Realized-Haitian Immigrant Turned American Citizen Finds Success in the Connecticut National Guard  

He spoke two languages, but neither were English. Like so many immigrants before him, he came to the United States under the impression that life would be glamorous once he landed on American soil. Continue reading. 

Business owner sucker punched by stranger in Little Haiti

In Miami, Christophe Guillaume, 66, was assaulted outside his business while cleaning his taxi. Guillaume said police haven’t done enough to arrest his attacker. Continue reading.

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