Jack Dorsey and Haiti Tech Summit Team (Image: Haiti Tech Summit)
Jack Dorsey and Haiti Tech Summit Team (Image: Haiti Tech Summit)


Twitter’s Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey Attends Haiti Tech Summit  

This past weekend concluded the Haiti Tech Summit. The event hosted 100 global speakers and about 750 guests. Companies represented at the summit were Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Paypal, Youtube and Adobe. Continue reading.


Container with supplies for Haiti unloaded 4 years later   

After four years, a missing shipping container filled with relief supplies was unloaded. Originally, Rays of Hope International sent the container to Haiti after the devastating earthquake, but the container never made it there. Continue reading.

Aggies for Haiti 2018: More athletes serving in July

Texas A&M athletes and staff are headed to Haiti again to impact, educate, minister and feed the Haitian people. Continue reading.

San Angelo nonprofit brings Haitian-American back to Haiti

When revisiting Haiti, Mickaelle Germain couldn’t believe how different it was from her memories. Haiti was dirtier and it had more issues than she remembered. Continue reading.

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