Mega Developer Want to Build in Little Haiti  

Miami residents who live in Little Haiti have mixed feelings about a new mega project coming to their area. “I’m afraid we’re going to lose all the Haitians in Little Haiti. Like, Little Haiti is going to become a place where they have Haitian things, but no Haitian people,” said Elie Philippe, a local resident. Continue reading.  


Howard University Hospital Embarks Upon Medical Mission to Haiti

Howard University Hospital (HUH) along with New York Chapter of the National Organization for Advancement of Haitians (NOAH-NY) united for a humanitarian medical mission to Haiti, June 24-30. Continue reading.    

These Haitian kids need surgery in another country. Getting a passport is the hard part

Jonenskia Hector was diagnosed with a heart condition and requires a surgery that isn’t available in Haiti. Although she had a surgical spot in the Cayman Islands her passport application was denied. Continue reading.


Inside the Effort to Bring Haitian Religious Leaders to the Forefront of Social Activism

Haitian community leaders are aiming to change the church’s role in regards to supporting social justice issues. Continue reading.

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