Lake senior, father, fulfill a mission with donations to Haiti

A love for the people and culture of Haiti has inspired a Lake Township, Ohio, high school senior to collect school supplies to pack a container to ship to Haiti. More than 1000 items were packed with the help of the community. Continue reading.

Marcell Dareus building classrooms in Haiti with $125,000 donation

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is visiting Haiti for the second time and he has made a contribution of $125,000, and Christ-Roi Primary School in Cammy has named a wing of the school after Dareus. Continue reading.


IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Haiti  

After a trip to Haiti, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) team concluded that Haiti’s GDP growth has increased by two percent, supported by public contribution. Continue reading.  


Ferrum College professor learns and serves in Haiti

During her sabbatical in Haiti, Delia Heck, an associate professor of environmental science at Ferrum College worked on solar energy projects in rural villages. Patrick Eugene, a native Haitian and CEO of DigtalKap played a major role in the solar projects. DigitalKap is a Haitian solar energy company. Continue reading.  

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