Dominican Republic points to increased trade with Haiti  

During a recent address on “Dominican foreign policy towards Haiti”, Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas disclosed that the Government of the Dominican Republic said trade with Haiti has exceeded last year’s figure of $800 million. Continue reading                                         


In football-mad Haiti, World Cup offers relief from daily grind

Although the Haitian football team placed 104th in the FIFA rankings, the fans continue to cheer for their Latin American neighbors. Fans are gathering everywhere to watch the World Cup. Continue reading   

Arts and Entertainment 

Pioneer Works to Host Contemporary Haitian Art Show in New York This Fall

In September, Pioneer Works in New York will open a two-month exhibition of contemporary Haitian art. The show will feature works that originate from traditional mediums ranging from sequin-covered “Drapo Vodou” (or “voodoo flags”) to sculptural carvings of stone and wood. Continue reading.

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