Salvation, salve, and a Haitian burn clinic

Living without electricity can be very difficult, but the people of Haiti have adapted to using fire for many of their daily tasks. However, this has also increased their risk of burns. Thankfully, For Haiti With Love’s burn clinic provides more than 700 individual treatments a month. Continue Reading.


10-year-old Haitian American writes, Big Sister, Little Sister with her Father

Reanna and Yanatha Desouvre, Haitian American authors who wrote a book titled, Big Sister, Little Sister to be featured in a Father’s Day event on June 17. Their book explores the deep bond and love amongst sisters. Continue reading     

Art & Culture

Assignment: Education- Holmen art pieces delivered to Haiti  

Holmen High art students in partnership with The Memory Project organization volunteer to create portraits of Haitian children.These children who have faced extreme circumstances like violence and neglect were gifted with the art. Continue reading


This Year’s World Cup Songs, Ranked

It’s time for the FIFA World Cup and all of the songs that come with it. Television network Telemundo has commissioned “Positivo”, its own official song for the 2018 World Cup. The song features Haitian DJ and Producer Michael Brun and Colombia’s José Balvin. Continue Reading.

Warped Lens

Haiti President’s One Goal: Provide Nation With Electricity

Electricity in Haiti remains elusive to the average household. Those who do have power in their homes don’t count much on the government. Electricity comes from individuals installing generators, inverters and solar panels. For the most part, the state’s monopoly, Electricity of Haiti, better known by its French acronym EDH, provides four hours a day per neighborhood on a rolling basis. On a bad week, there isn’t any at all. Continue reading

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