Michael Brun delivers a message from Haiti — one summer block party at a time

DJ and music producer Michael Brun hosted his Bayo Block Party. During the party, he tried to challenge the misconceptions of Haitians by publicly providing alternative narratives. Continue reading  


Tijuana’s ‘Little Haiti’ stalled but migrants planting roots

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti 3,000 Haitians ended up in Mexico after a failed bid to get into the United States of America. These Immigrants were welcomed by Ambassadors of Jesus evangelical church, which planned to construct homes for them. However, the church has hit a major roadblock and construction has ceased. Continue reading.


Haiti – Technology: Augmented reality and virtual tours of tourist sites

Haiti is positioning itself at the forefront of Caribbean tourism with virtual reality. The Ministry of Tourism and the École Supérieure d’Infotronique signed off on a memorandum for the creation of an augmented reality program featuring virtual tours of popular sights. Continue Reading.

Food & Drink

New Lakou Cafe serves up crepes, smoothies and Haitian treats in Crown Heights

Lakou Cafe in Crown Heights debuts new creperie. Brooklyn Tea, smoothies and espresso is served at the cafe as well. Continue reading

Haitians in America

Haitians In America: Beauty Maven Brings Haitian Products To Mainstream America

This Haitian American may have started her career in academia, but her business know how coupled with her passion to economically empower Haiti led her to create one of the most popular Haitian beauty brands in America. Continue reading

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