Haitian Foreign Minister Antonio Rodrigue speaking on Jun. 4 at the 48th OAS General Assembly in Washington, DC. Credit: Juan Manuel Herrera/OAS

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

In his latest column, Haitian Times publisher Garry Pierre-Pierre discusses Haitian / Venezuela relations and why the United States’ push to freeze out Venezuela from the Organization of American States won’t be accomplished with help from Haiti.

Vice President Mike Pence thought he was snubbing Haiti by not inviting Haitian diplomats to a special White House reception for countries supporting an attempt by the United States to suspend Venezuela from the Organization of American States (OAS).

A day after receiving the cold shoulder, Haitian diplomats stuck to their guns and abstained from the vote, joining 11 other OAS member states who refused to expel one of the Caribbean’s largest benefactors.

While 19 nations voted in favor of the resolution. It is still far from the 24 votes required to launch a process that could end in a suspension of the South American country.


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