Why Florida Democrats can’t count on the so-called ‘black vote’

Haitians, in particular, lean in a more conservative direction than African-Americans and other Caribbean communities. My research found that Haitian voters in Boston, Chicago, Miami and New York City are more likely to identify as moderate or conservative than African-Americans. Continue Reading


Mikaben, Anie Alerte And More Added To Michael Brun ‘Bayo’ Tour

Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin, Anie Alerte, Rutshelle Guillaume and Sandro “Dro” Martelly have been added to Brun’s Bayo tour that launches on June 8. The additions boast an impressive roster of established and rising stars in the Haitian music industry. Continue Reading

Warped Lens

Little Haiti Project Could Define Rodneyse Bichotte’s Legacy

In his latest column, Garry Pierre-Pierre examines whether the political star is underestimating what it will take to turn the current unkempt business district that is now officially “Little Haiti” into a treasured tourist attraction and Haitian cultural mecca. Continue Reading


79 days after the death of journalist Vladjimir Legagneur, an investigation is opened

On May 25, Haitian officials have opened an investigation into the disappearance of journalist Vladjimir Legagneur. Judge Wilner Morin has been appointed to the case. Continue Reading.

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