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Haitians In America: The Father of ‘Rara Tech’

In this latest Haitians In America profile, we spoke with Gardy Girault on the fusion of EDM with Rara and how its popularity is spreading like wildfire throughout the music world.

How many can say they created a new musical genre? Gardy Girault is one who can proudly say yes. Following the 2010 earthquake, the DJ created “rara tech” — a blend of organic Haitian rara, konpa with electronic and house beats. For him the “experimental genre” introduces Haitian cultural expression into the modern music world.

After releasing music with labels like Vida Records, Nulu Music, Melomania Records, Gardy founded Rizing Muzik, a leading record label in Haiti that contributes to the growth of the underground electronic movement.

You pioneered the genre rara tech. How would you describe it for those unfamiliar with it? What does it sound and feel like?

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May. 31, 2018