The Haitian Times Bids Adieu To Kreyolfest

The Haitian Times organized Kreyolfest for 17 of its 19 years of existence. Again, I am sad to say that this year, we were left with no choice but to cancel this year’s event—perhaps forever. As of this writing, we have no plans of bringing it back. There simply isn’t enough support for such a large-scale event in New York. Continue Reading

South Florida

PHOTOS: Rain didn’t stop the festivities. Fans of Haitian music party at Compas Festival

The concert was plagued with rains that persisted throughout the weekend, but the dreary weather did not dampen the fun of Haitian music fans in attendance. Continue Reading

Haitians ask for answers as Gardens High teacher probe continues

Palm Beach County School District officials are conducting an investigation after a unidentified teacher made “potentially inappropriate” comments to a student May 4. The district would not identify what the comment was. Continue Reading


Textile workers rally for wage increases

On Monday, textile workers peacefully demonstrated in the Metropolitan Industrial Park to demand salary increases and better working conditions. Currently, workers make 350 gourde per day, which is roughly $6 USD. Continue Reading

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