Canadian government is putting asylum seekers to work

Tens of thousands of people have surged across the border into Canada from the United States to claim asylum in the past year as the Trump administration’s policies on migrants caused worry among asylum seekers and anti-migrant sentiment rose. The flood of migrants has put pressure on Canada’s asylum system, accustomed to smaller numbers, and has driven up costs.

So Canadian policymakers are bolstering one tactic to ease the burden: They’re integrating refugee claimants as quickly as possible into the job market. Continue Reading


Complex To Launch Upcoming Series On Haitian Americans Living In Miami

The new series, which debuts May 22 on Complex, follows the lives of two Haitian Americans living in Miami, trying to navigate their way through dating, life and adulthood. Haitian Times spoke to the creator of the series in an exclusive interview about the genesis of the show, and just how much of it is based on real life. Continue Reading

Health & Science

Haiti health officials launches breast cancer awareness campaign

The Haitian Institute of Oncology (IHDO) and the Haitian Society of Oncology (SHONC) are organizing a screening campaign for breast and cervical cancer from May 21 to May 27 in six departments of the country. Continue Reading

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