Health & Science

Haiti Vasectomy Campaign Draws Over 300 Percent Anticipated Turnout

Because of traditional perceptions around masculinity, family planning is widely considered a woman’s responsibility. In 2012, only 0.1 per cent of women surveyed said they relied on a partner’s vasectomy as a form of contraception. Only 5 per cent relied on male condoms. Continue Reading

Arts & Culture

Curious about konpa? Here’s everything you need to know about the Haitian musical genre

It’s Haitian Heritage Month and we want to show some love to a genre that’s near and dear to the more than 80,000 Haitian Americans living in the 305 and beyond–konpa.

It’s like merengue but has its roots in African drums and big bands with horns blaring. Continue Reading

Here And Now Cements Boukman Eksperyans Legacy

With “Here and Now,”Boukman has staked its turf and laid the groundwork for Rasin music to continue in its journey into the hearts and minds of the next generation of music lovers. Continue Reading

New York

Woman Behind Haitian Flag Commemorated At Flag Day Concert

In commemoration of Haitian Flag Day, three Haitian songstresses will take to the stage in New York City to celebrate the woman behind the flag — Catherine Flon. Continue Reading

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