Man sought for vandalizing Haitian church in Port St. Lucie

A man vandalized a Haitian church and now worshippers are demanding action. Continue Reading

Officials resigned reportedly after pressure to cancel temporary protected status for immigrants

President Donald Trump’s administration ignored advice from its own diplomatic experts when it pressured reluctant Department of Homeland Security officials to end Temporary Protected Status for Honduran nationals, the Washington Post reported. Continue Reading 

Arts & Culture

‘Fanm On Films’: Highlighting Haitian Narratives Through Film

From artisans to media, Haiti is a minefield of art. Duo Ella Turenne and Martine Jean have taken their skills to create their podcast, Famn on Films. Truly exemplifying the ways in which passions will always find a way back into your life, the two sat with The Haitian Times to share their mission, personal stories, knowledge of the entertainment industry, and tips for young Haitians seeking to get out there. Continue Reading


Gunmen attack gov’t building in Haiti

The Haitian government has condemned what it described as a “despicable act” after gunmen fired shots at the building which houses the central office of the Electricity of Haiti (EDH) last weekend. Continue Reading  


Haiti Tech Summit hosts road show

Haiti Tech Summit is on a road show to New York, DC, Miami, London, Dubai and Silicon Valley. Join 100 influencers within the Haitian and Latam tech and business ecosystem! Learn how to get involved and join us on the beach in Haiti. Continue Reading

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