When Marceau Michel couldn’t find investors to support his thriving business, Marceau decided to take matters into his own hands. In this inaugural profile of Haitians in America, learn about Marceau’s journey to entrepreneurship, his advice for those looking to follow his footsteps and how his Haitian roots carried him through it all.

Marceau Michel can relate to the struggles that’s become commonplace among millenials. He worked in the gig economy for the past 11 years, which eventually inspired him to start his own business, Werkhorse. Despite the success of his business – he won the Techstars Startup Weekend competition — he had trouble securing funding.

His solution? Start his own fund to finance entrepreneurs that look like him.

Tell us about your business. How did you become an entrepreneur – How difficult is it for Blacks to get Venture Capital funding?

Let’s be frank. Getting venture funding is very hard. However, as a Black entrepreneur implicit bias is rampant even in a industry that gives much lip service to inclusion and diversity. The numbers don’t lie.


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