Happy Haitian Heritage Month!

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Haitians In America

Haitians In America: The Man Behind Black Funders Matter

When Marceau Michel couldn’t find investors to support his thriving business, Marceau decided to take matters into his own hands. In this inaugural profile of Haitians in America, learn about Marceau’s journey to entrepreneurship, his advice for those looking to follow his footsteps and how his Haitian roots carried him through it all.

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Haitian ex-pats return to build lake enterprise

Two Haitian brothers came back to their homeland to build a livelihood on Lake Azuei, a turbulent expanse of water that has often been cruel to those living along its shore, flooding homes in the border town of Fond Parisien and blocking a key highway into the Dominican Republic.

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‘A good partner’: Haiti maintains ties with Taiwan at Beijing’s expense

Haiti confirmed Wednesday it would maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan, a day after the neighboring Dominican Republic established relations with China.

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Haiti university organizes symposium on corruption and transparency

Quisqueya University and 1804 Institute is hosting a symposium on corruption and transparency on May 3 and May 4. During the international convening, Corruption and Transparency: Mechanisms and Challenges, experts will discuss mechanisms that have been put in place to fight corruption in the country, transparency efforts and more.

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