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Haitian Community Leaders Can Get Groove Back

President and CEO of HABNET Chamber of Commerce Jackson Rockingster (center) at a 2017 rally calling for the renewal of TPS for Haitians. Photo Credit: Vania Andre

A number of Haitians have made great political and professional strides in New York. However, does their success translate to a vibrant Haitian community?

In his latest column, Haitian Times publisher Garry Pierre-Pierre contrasts the individual success of those in the community with the overall strength of Haitians as a whole in New York, all the while questioning the efficacy of “self-proclaimed leaders” in the community.

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

As Haitians in the New York metro area begin celebrating Haitian Heritage month, we need to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are and where we need to be as a community.

Over the course of this month, there will be cultural events, political and academic pow wows that highlight our progress in the four decades since we’ve set up a stronghold in New York.


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May. 02, 2018