Inside the Effort to Improve Emergency Care in Haiti

A year and a half after Hurricane Matthew, Haiti’s health care system is still ill-equipped for another major disaster. Several innovative groups are now training doctors and nurses to better prepare them for catastrophes. Continue reading


Disappearance of Vladimir Legagneur: Jovenel Moise gives instructions to judicial and police authorities

The President of the Republic leaves the long silence in which he walled in the case of disappearance (since March 14) of the journalist Vladjimir Legagneur. While returning from a trip to Peru, Jovenel Moïse asked the justice and the judicial police to elucidate this file as soon as possible. Continue Reading

Arts & Culture

Making Miami’s Little Haiti Neighborhood Great Again

Little Haiti is considered “the cultural heart of the Haitian diaspora” in the United States. Today many locals are concerned about efforts to expand and develop parts of the colorful neighborhood. They note how wealthy individuals seem to be buying up property and displacing poor people. They fear that this gentrification will lead to Haitian culture and people disappearing from the area. Continue reading

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