Hundreds of Haitians made their way to the small village of Souvenance last week for an annual pilgrimage for Vodou practitioners. At one of Gonaives historical Lakou, Vodou followers dressed in white, took part in various rituals and expressed their devotion to the spirits.

Worshipper lays in a trance while partially submerged in water.
People look on as a worshipper lays hands on a woman calling on the spirits.
Haitian woman lays hands on man during a ritual.
Worshippers dressed in white.
Worshippers on their way to take part of a ceremony.
Spectators look on as worshippers prepare a bull to take part in a ritual.
Vodou worshippers at Souvenance.
Haitian woman kisses foot of fellow worshipper.
Three Haitian women look on as rituals take place.

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