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BEAUTY REVIEW: Haiti Skin Care Line Rejuvenates Hair and Skin

By Delfine Kernizan

As more and more beauty and skin care companies emerge across the globe, there is one company that’s dedicated to bringing natural hair, skin and body products from Haiti to the rest of the world.

Kreyol Essence (KE), a beauty and skin care line owned by Haitian American Yve-Car Momperousse that includes a range of products for skin and hair care.

I recently had the pleasure of trying two of KE’s premium oils; the 100 percent pure Haitian Castor Oil in the Rosemary Peppermint scent, and 100 percent pure Haitian Moringa Oil.

Also known as lwil maskreti, KE’s Haitian Black Castor Oil, is  loaded with vitamins and omega fatty acids 3,6, and 9.  

There are many ways to use the Haitian Black Castor Oil, however, my favorite method is as a leave-in scalp treatment. The oil has an authentic color and thickness, and the Rosemary Peppermint packs enough of a punch to mask the natural, and often overbearing, scent of the castor oil. I apply the oil to my edges a few times per week, as well as directly applying it to my scalp under protective styles or for maintenance. I also applied the Haitian Black Castor Oil to my eyebrows to promote growth.

While you can definitely use the Haitian Black Castor Oil on the body and as a bath soak or massage oil, I prefer to use the 100% pure Haitian Moringa Oil for skincare. Haitian Moringa Oil is said to be beauty’s next big thing and the next “it” product in skin care.Kreyol Essence considers it to be their “natural botox” because of its anti-aging properties.

The Haitian Moringa Oil delivers minerals and vitamins to your face and hair, and promotes a natural glow to the skin. The oil also fights against the effects of pollution, which I appreciate since I live in New York City.

Just a few drops of the Haitian Moringa Oil goes a very long way. The oil is light and lacks fragrance, which speaks to its authenticity. It goes on “greasy,” but quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves the face feeling soft and with a natural glow. I love to use the Haitian Moringa Oil as an everyday face moisturizer with and without makeup. You can also add a few drops to your favorite lotion to use as a body moisturizer.

KE also offers an extensive line of shampoo, conditioner, hair milk, pomade, whipped body creme and hair/body butter all infused with Haitian Castor Oil to promote hair growth and, strengthen, repair and moisturize damaged hair. Their products are great for gifting, and can be purchased as singles, in duos and as sets. They can be purchased online and in select Whole Foods stores.

Delfine Kernizan, or “Coco” of The Coco Gawdess, is an NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. In addition to running her own fashion brand, she works with other fashion and beauty brands to help women master effortless & affordable style. She is also a Business and Marketing Consultant, helping brands turn problems into profit.

Delfine Kernizan

Delfine Kernizan

Delfine Kernizan, or "Coco" of The Coco Gawdess, is an NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber, working with fashion and beauty brands to help women master effortless and affordable style. She is the creator of the Courting Coco series, which delves into the dating experiences of millennial women in 2018. Delfine is also a Brand and Image Consultant, helping brands turn problems into profit.
Delfine Kernizan
Apr. 09, 2018

2 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “BEAUTY REVIEW: Haiti Skin Care Line Rejuvenates Hair and Skin”

  1. Laban Ireri says:

    It is true that natural products are the in-thing today considering the adverse effects of most synthetic skin,body and hair fashion products. Majority of the companies involved in manufacturing these products rely on artificial ingredients from chemical laboratories for their supplies.

    Those who embrace essential oils, resins and plant-based extracts are miles in advance in producing medically safe beauty and fashion products including but not limited to hygiene feminine products, body massage lotions, hair care products, oral hygiene, baby care, deodorants and fragrances.

    Majority of these are got from indigenous herbal plants growing in selected parts of the world. One only need to consult natives of such areas who are conversant and have profiles with the medicinal properties of naturally occurring materials. However, much as we may want to embrace the naturalism, a lot of research is needed to bring about the beneficial properties of these materials and their strength.

    Since ancient times, natural products have been used successfully even in treating the most stubborn of the illnesses and especially on skin, hair and body for that matter. The clock is going backwards with a subtle style, all which is left is to follow its cue to reap maximum benefits.

    Natural is safe and beautiful! Synthetic is still… unknown, but will the beneficiaries accept this paradigm, with their heavy investments? I wonder…

  2. Erika Ann says:

    As long as the product is made from natural resources, I am more than willing to try it and use it! That oil looks like a miracle’s work! I do hope that they sell it internationally. More and more people are leaning towards products that they know are ethically produced. Although skin and hair care products effects differ from skin to skin, natural won’t have the same bad effects as those synthetic made.

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