Miami Street To Be Named After Late Manno Charlemagne

On March 23, 5th Street between Euclid Avenue and Lenox Avenue in Miami-Dade County was designated Joseph Emmanuel “Manno” Charlemagne Street. The bill to name the street after the late Haitian singer was co-sponsored by Senator Daphne Campbell, a Haitian American legislator who represents the 38th Senate District. Continue Reading

Haitian-American Stylist Leads Wakanda Themed Wedding Shoot

In this latest blog post, Luxe LeBlanc gives us the perfect recipe for a successful Wakanda themed wedding photo shoot. Continue reading

An Innovative Education Model Comes To Haiti

ISTEAH, otherwise in French known as L’Institut des Sciences et Technologies et Études Avancées d’Haïti offers a practical solution of decentralization and affords distance learning and teaching. The bulk of the faculty teaches from remote locations like Canada, the U.S., and France. There are local professors, too. Real-time information helps blur the distinction of place of origination of the conference. Continue reading

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