On March 23, 5th Street between Euclid Avenue and Lenox Avenue in Miami-Dade County was designated Joseph Emmanuel “Manno” Charlemagne Street. The bill to name the street after the late Haitian singer was co-sponsored by Senator Daphne Campbell, a Haitian American legislator who represents the 38th Senate District.

“I am truly honored and extremely proud to have a street named after Mr. Charlemagne,” Campbell said. “Born and raised in Haiti, I am always ecstatic to honor my fellow Haitians who are providing wonderful examples to other Haitians and minorities as a whole.”

Charlemagne was a Haitian political folk singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist, political activist and politician. He recorded his political chansons in both French and in Creole.

He took up guitar and singing at the age of 16 where he formed a band, and later organized a youth group and choir in his old neighborhood in Carrefour, Haiti. Charlemagne died of cancer in Miami Beach, Florida on Dec. 10, 2017 at the age of 69.

“Mr. Charlemagne used his talent and art to connect with the people. His voice, his sound, his dedication and heart will truly be missed,” Campbell said. “I am humbled to have known him and I am elated that I have the opportunity to honor him.”

The official street naming will be effective July 1.

Fifth Street between Euclid Avenue and Lenox Avenue was chosen by his family as the area for the street co-naming because of a restaurant that Charlemagne frequented while he was alive.

“He was an ambassador for traditional Haitian music. is music removed a person from office,”  Campbell said. “Just like Bob Marley is an icon for Jamaicans, Manno is an icon for Haitians.”

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