Meet The New Haitian Military ― It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like The Old One

On March 13, President Jovenel Moise appointed six individuals to the high command of the recently reinstated Haitian armed forces (FAdH). All of the appointees, now in their sixties, were majors or colonels in the former FAdH, disbanded in 1995 after a long history of involvement in coups, violent repression, and drug trafficking. Continue reading

2018 Rara Festival Marchand Dessalines

Warped Lens

Why Haitians Tend To Cannibalize Their Own

There is a long tradition of Diaspora Haitians who throw themselves in the mix to help their country or community. There are plenty of examples where members of the Diaspora, motivated by altruism and a desire to make a difference, bring themselves down from their “celebrity” status to help the country, only to be demonized after being deified. Continue reading


Trump administration sets quotas for immigration judges

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has reportedly set quotas for immigration judges for the first time, requiring them to close a certain number of cases per year.Judges will be required to complete 700 cases per year, and to see fewer than 15 percent of their decision returned by a higher court, the Journal reported. Continue reading

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