While promoting the first annual Spring Break in Haiti weekend on Instagram, Dj Stakz, a popular DJ based in New York City, came under fire from Haitian-American comedian Jessie Woo for tagging her in his social media posts.

“Why you tagging me in these pictures bro?? Like… I wasn’t invited to none of these festivities why do I keep getting tagged for likes?????” she commented under his picture.

Woo also took to Twitter to vent her frustrations about the non-invite to the star-studded weekend and what she perceives to be as DJ Stakz profiting from her fame.

“This one DJ literally came to one of my shows, went LIVE on his Instagram for my ENTIRE set but refuses to pay me to do these events,” she posted to Twitter. “You won’t pay me to do these events. You leak my sets. Why do you keep tagging me in all of your event? I’m confused.”

Several people came to the DJ’s defense citing his notoriety in the Haitian and American community and questioned why the Woo would attack him publicly, instead of bringing her grievances to him privately.

DJ Stakz defended himself claiming that he tags “everyone randomly on all pics.”

“[W]ait…wait…wait………..First and foremost…..nobody is tagging you for likes, your “Haitian”, this event is in Haiti, people tag people, what’s the problem?………I tag everyone randomly on all pics, I tag Everyone(real official artist at that) and all they ever have to say is speak positively, shit is dope or etc, it’s called bringing awareness,” he replied to her.  “I don’t know who you think you talking too but please don’t let your IG page get shit twisted. Keep that negative energy of my page.”

Positive Vibes Only! #springbreakhaiti2018 #sbh2018

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