Mélissa Laveaux: Radio Siwèl review – seductive sounds of Haiti

Mélissa Laveaux, born in Ottawa to Haitian parents, plays neither the lavish orchestral music called compas, nor the rootsy, drum-heavy style of groups such as Boukman Eksperyans. Her previous two albums have mixed folkish originals with indie rock, and even a cover of Eartha Kitt’s I Want to Be Evil. Continue reading

Rapper Tyga Travels To Haiti For Spring Break Bash

American rapper Micheal Ray “Tyga” Stevenson traveled to Haiti for the first annual Spring Break in Haiti hosted by the International Club King at Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa from March 22 to March 26. View pictures

Arts & Culture

Vodou Surrealism

In September 2016, I hosted Ingrid Schaffner and Bisi Silva to show them my collection of Haitian art and to discuss their imminent trip to the Caribbean in preparation for the Carnegie Int’l, 57th ed., 2018. Early in our visit they asked how I had become a collector of the island nation’s vodou-based Surrealist art. I led them to a small painting in my living room and told them about a fateful encounter. Continue reading


Trump announces tariffs on $60bn in Chinese imports

The US plans to impose tariffs on up to $60bn (£42.5bn) in Chinese imports and limit the country’s investment in the US in retaliation for years of alleged intellectual property theft. The White House said the actions were necessary to counter unfair competition from China’s state-led economy. Continue reading


The U.N. Set 17 Goals To Make The World A Better Place. How’s It Doing?

The folks at Our World in Data recently launched a first-of-its-kind “Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Tracker.” It compiles the best available data from the United Nations, the World Bank and other sources to create interactive maps and charts that show how countries have progressed — or regressed — on issues like health, safety, poverty and equality. Continue reading

WHO says tainted food outbreak threatens 16 African nations

A deadly outbreak linked to tainted food in South Africa is now threatening other African nations, with neighboring Namibia reporting a confirmed case that might be connected, the World Health Organization said Tuesday. Continue reading

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