Here We Go Again

In today’s ‘Warped Lens‘, Garry Pierre-Pierre holds a mirror to Haitian-American leadership and questions their insufficient commitment to address racial inequalities and injustices facing Haitians back home and abroad. Read this thought-provoking op-ed here.

Haiti hires PR firm after WH ‘s—hole’ controversy

Mercury, a global public relations firm with a lobbying shop in Washington, is now working for Haiti, according to forms filed with the Justice Department.Those disclosures say the firm will manage Haiti’s “print, television, radio, and digital media presence by crafting their narrative and amplifying their message.” Continue reading 


ANILH Celebrates International Women’s Day in Haiti

The National Association of Nurses and Licensed Nurses of Haiti (ANILH), in partnership with the Lorquet Foundation for a New Haiti (FOLONHA), will be hosting an information session and tasting fair to celebrate International Women’s Day. Continue reading


Google Features 12 Female Artists To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Google is honoring female artists and their stories this International Women’s Day. On Thursday, the tech company will feature 12 interactive illustrations or “Google Doodles” on the search platform’s homepage. The artists are from 12 countries, including the U.S., Japan, Pakistan, and Mexico. Continue reading


International Women’s Day 2018 theme is #PressforProgress

International Women’s Day lands Thursday in a year that saw women from all walks of life rise up in protests, power building and advocacy over issues of equality and harassment. Organizers of International Women’s Day 2018 hope to ride that wave of activism with this year’s theme: #PressforProgress — a push for gender parity worldwide.  Continue reading

Meet the Women Driving Change in Africa

All across the world there are girls without access to education, subject to FGM and coerced into marriage as children. All across the world, there are women who put their lives at risk every day by fighting these battles. Continue reading

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