LAW Airline suspends Chile-Haiti flights

The Chilean airline, LAW (Latin American Wings) has temporarily suspended the flights between Port-au-Prince and Chile, after Haitians have been declared illegal or unqualified by the Chilean authorities to enter or remain in Chilean territory. Continue reading

Solar (em)powered: Partnerships benefit Haitians, Hoosiers

The Selke-Dimanche Project is a network of American and Haitian nonprofits working together to provide resources to Haitians and to teach Americans sustainable ways to support the developing world. Their most recent initiative, The Thunderstone Project, was inspired by Jean-Paul Weaver’s most recent trip to Haiti in 2017, where she saw neighborhoods reduced to rubble after Hurricane Matthew. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Haitian Designers Trump Politics at DC Fashion Week

During this year’s DC Fashion Week, the Haitian embassy showcased  Haitian-American fashion designers collection lines for their first “Diplomacy by Design” event. Four renowned designers of Haitian descent,  Prajjé Oscar, Pyer Moss, Victor Glemaud and Azède Jean-Pierre, used the occasion to illustrate their creative talent to a diverse audience of dignitaries and fashion insiders. Continue reading


Trump’s top economic advisor, Gary Cohn, to resign amid tariff dispute

In the latest White House upheaval, President Trump’s chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn, is stepping down after failing to dissuade the president from plans to impose sweeping tariffs on imported metals. Continue reading


 Vatican Signals Concern Over Populist Rise in Italy Elections

The Vatican on Tuesday signaled its concern over the results of Italy’s national election, which saw sharp gains for populist and anti-immigrant parties. Continue reading

21 Libyan Migrants Feared Drowned in Bid to Reach Italian Shores

At least 21 Libyan migrants who were trying to make the dangerous Mediterranean Sea journey to Italy late last week are missing and feared drowned. The U.N. migration agency said Tuesday that they were part of a large group who had set off from Libya aboard a wooden boat and a rubber dinghy and had to be rescued at sea. Continue reading

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