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Haitians Should Pursue Economic and Political Empowerment

  By Garry Pierre-Pierre Rodneyse Bichotte. Kimberly Jean Pierre. Clyde Vanel. These are the names of a few Haitian-American elected officials. These days, there are so many of them that an association has sprung: The National Haitian American Elected Officials Network, or NHAEON. For a community that fretted over whether they should host political candidates seeking the small-but-significant Haitian vote at the time less than 20 years ago, this is indeed heady stuff. The other day, a friend observed that when there was a lack in Haitian-American political elected officials in government, we the people garnered more resources from politicians. Perhaps the thinking goes a little bit like this: “Now that we have our own in office, they should know what our needs are and take care of them.” SUPPORT COMMUNITY JOURNALISM TO READ MORE Sign in to your account.
Mar. 01, 2018