Michael Brun releases Bayo music video

Michael Brun has recently dropped “Bayo”, his latest Haitian-inspired tune in his recent string of Haitian releases. READ MORE

Haiti vows abuse review of all charities after Oxfam ‘hid crimes’

Oxfam hid information about sexual misconduct from authorities in Haiti, a senior official in the Caribbean nation said on Monday, and he vowed to launch a wide-reaching investigation into charities operating there. READ MORE

Oxfam apologizes to Haiti over sex scandal

Oxfam formally apologized to Haiti Monday over the prostitution scandal rocking the aid charity, expressing its “shame” and vowing to do better as it handed over a damning internal report into the allegations. READ MORE

Fire destroys sections of another market in Haiti’s capital

A fire swept through a large clothing market in Haiti’s capital on Sunday, days after another blaze destroyed a large part of the main market in Port-au-Prince. READ MORE

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