TPS solution for Haitians not a priority in high-stakes immigration debate

The U.S. Senate isn’t seriously considering a path to permanent residency or citizenship for more than 300,000 Temporary Protected Status recipients as part of an immigration deal to keep 689,000 Dreamers from being deported. READ MORE

Helping Those in Need: Reservists Continue to Deliver Aid to Haiti

Air Force reservists from the 315th Airlift Wing at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, delivered nearly 100,000 pounds of humanitarian aid to Haiti, Feb. 3-4. READ MORE

Haiti economist pushes back against Moise comments on Haiti’s economy

Economist Kesner Pharel pushed back on President Jovenel Moise’s comments Tuesday regarding the state of the country’s economy saying “the president is a politician. It’s normal for him to calm things down by telling us not to worry.” However according to Pharel, Haiti’s budget deficit is much more “alarming” than how the president is making it seem. READ MORE

Two of the largest Doctors Without Borders hospitals to close

The doors of the Center for Trauma and Emergency Surgery and the Obstetric Emergency Reference Center of Doctors Without Borders will be closed between 2018 and 2019. The international organization cited a decrease in donor funds as the reason to the closure.  READ MORE

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