When Myrto Cesaire approached a friend to inquire about local jobs, the friend mockingly suggested that “farm work” was her only option. Cesaire, who urgently needed a job and longed to experience the plight of migrant farm workers, immediately began to apply for farming jobs through a farm labor contractor (FLC).  Within a few days, the FLC connected her with a farm that had a vacancy. The interview process was sh­­ort, as they only wanted to know if she could read, write, and count. She was offered and accepted the job on the spot.  

“The reason why I started working with them is because I noticed how hard they were working under the sun while I was passing by one day,” she said. “I’ve been invested in the cause ever since and told myself I needed to stand with them.”

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Coralie Saint-Louis

Coralie is a digital media specialist and multimedia journalist with several years of experience in content management, publication, and distribution.