Trump Administration Bars Haitians From U.S. Visas For Low-Skilled Work

Haitians will no longer be eligible for U.S. visas given to low-skilled workers, the Trump administration said on Wednesday, bringing an end to a small-scale effort to employ Haitians in the United States after a catastrophic 2010 earthquake. READ MORE

NYC Immigration Activist Jean Montrevil Speaks Out After Deportation To Haiti: “My Heart Is Broken”

On Tuesday, immigrant rights leader Jean Montrevil was deported to Haiti after residing in the United States for over three decades. READ MORE

GOP Rep: ‘Everywhere you look in Haiti it’s sheet, metal, and garbage’

A Republican congressman defended Donald Trump’s recent racist statements about “shithole countries” on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes. READ MORE

Haiti’s Michael Brun Responds to Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comments: Exclusive

I grew up hearing that Haiti was a shithole my whole life. The narrative of Haiti didn’t change last week, it’s a narrative that has been forced upon our country for decades, by outsiders, by the media, by the world at large and by a bigoted president. Negativity reinforces negativity, and to impressionable youth who don’t know their true worth, these words became reality. READ MORE

Haitians Flow Into Canada From The U.S. Amid Renewed Deportation Fears

Since last May, thousands of Haitian immigrants have been steadily pouring into Canada, mostly on foot at the Quebec border, in an attempt to flee aggressive anti-immigration policies by the Trump administration. READ MORE

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